About us

Bran Nayme Records, LLC is not your average record label. Dedicated to the music and entertainment industry Bran Nayme Records is an independent starter company, which offers the complete package to its artists including recording, mixing, mastering, CD and digital marketing, sales, distribution and promotion, and more. Bran Nayme Records prides itself on expansion with an innovative approach to the marketing and branding in the music and entertainment industry. Bran Nayme Records, LLC is owned by Prime-o, one of the first music artists signed to the label.

Jason “Prime-o” Cantave established Bran Nayme Records, LLC in Spring Valley, New York. Prime-o was an up and coming rapper in 2008, when he decided to invest in himself and his passion for music and entertainment; however his dreams of starting his own label would not come to fruition until 2010.

After two years of legalities and securing his finances, Prime-o was ready to launch his own label December 2010. While Prime-o was watching his favorite movie “American Gangsters,” starring Denzel Washington, he had an epiphany. Frank Lucas, Denzel Washington’s character said, “Blue Magic, that’s a brand name like Pepsi, I stand behind it, I guarantee it.” The quote was familiar to Prime-o, but for some reason that day it spoke volumes. He concluded that everything in this world has a brand name, hence the name Bran Nayme Records, LLC.

Currently, Bran Nayme Records, LLC caters to hip-hop and R&B artists, but as the label continues to develop the goal is to offer services for artists from all musical backgrounds. Bran Nayme Records, LLC is an intimate independent brand devoted to its artists and projects. Bran Nayme artist’s are of the utmost importance; and with its small staff the label takes time to focus on talent building and development from start to finish.

Quality music, marketing, branding, is what Bran Nayme Records, LLC represents. Everything and everyone has a “brand” and the new brand for music and entertainment is Bran Nayme Records, LLC; A local company, invested in artistic future.